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Whenever I start cleaning my closet, I find some object interesting, I will stare at my it for an unusual long time(May be since I have not seen it for months),admire it and want to keep all my possession outside the cabinet (I can’t do it ,we like in a 700+ sq.ft flat ,but the altitude is high).This time I found my old novel -A Quiver Full of Arrows (ISBN 0-340-25752-0) is a 1980 collection of short stories by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. There are 12 stories, Have finished half-a-dozen of it. Felt like reading it for the first time.

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Google thought it was an massive internet attack

"Web giant Google has admitted it thought the sudden spike in searches for Michael Jackson on Thursday was a massive, coordinated internet attack, leading it to post an error page on Google News. The company's director of product management explained that search volume began to increase around 2pm PDT on Thursday (25-06-09) and 'skyrocketed' by 3pm, finally stabilizing at around 8pm. According to Him, last week also saw one of the largest mobile search spikes ever seen, with 5 of the top 20 searches about Jackson. Google wasn't the only site caught out by the extraordinary events. The Los Angeles Times web site also crashed soon after it broke the news of Jackson's death."

Rip Google images faster than usual

You would have been searching for images using Google images or Flickr or Yahoo. It takes a lot of time and work hours to download pictures, one by one, by clicking it, enlarging it and saving it to your desired location. The Alternate to this traditional right-clicked way are many, some of them are

» Google Image Ripper - This online service extracts the full size images [no thumbnails] from Google index and displays them in one page. You can then save the full page with attachments to build your offline gallery of Google Images.

» Flickr Leech - Type in the Flick tag, username or just a short description and this web based free leeching service will extract hundreds of images from Flick on just one page. This service makes Flickr browsing a breeze.

» Google Grab - Unlike the previous two services, Google grab is a desktop software that leeches full scale images and download them to your local hard disk automatically. Works for PC and Mac. [Via DI]

* 29 Jun 12 Essential Rules to Follow When Designing a Logo

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My two year old daughter is kicking my bum, where to categorize the action, domestic violence or eve teasing Adam? Huh don’t know.

When anyone tells you cant achieve anything, it's because they fear your greatness

21 Best Fonts for Hand Drawn Style Web Design

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writers wanted!!!

Want a good launch pad for kick starting your writing career, here is a ladder. http://colorburned.com is calling writers in the design domain. Any article or tip up related to Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and InDesign are welcome. Case based tutorial is my personal best option to write a tutorial without doubt. It is not limited to

# Design resources; such as Photoshop and Illustrator brushes, vectors, textures, and seamless patterns.

# Articles on a variety of design-related subjects.

# Web roundups and lists.

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Ten Marketing Questions Authors are Asking

How to start your own blog -Learn from an expert

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Whoever it may be Writer, novelist, scientist to teacher must need a blog to communicate effectively their thoughts to the one following them. It is a universal blackboard, for everyone to read any time, anyplace.So, what for you waiting for, move on.