Google translator-tested

Nice to hear the Google, translating language and reading it out aloud.Its very horrible ,pronouncing Indian names.

Ajax Audio Book

Reading Hearing Ajax(courtesy iPod) to incorporate in my web designing goings-on.

The audiobook provides an excellent introduction to Ajax. In the first half, they describe how Ajax works, note the history of Ajax and its underlying technologies, the advantages and disadvantages of using Ajax, and describe two popular examples from Google.

In the second half they describe how to develop with Ajax, covering IDEs, debuggers, frameworks and JsUnit.

If you want to learn about Ajax and are pressed for time, this is the audiobook for you.

Though its released as early as 06’ felt quite okay with it. $0 USD.

get it from

Planning to record my lectures for web designing subjects and multicast it through a site. Waiting with fingers crossed to get a domain. -is a excellent site providing Free Audiobooks, audio books, MP3 Books.

BTW Kindle DX does audio books too.

Logorama: Oscar winner for animated short film

Its worth watching Logorama,academy award winner,a 16 minutes of animation.felt better than avatar!!!
its twitter age and short movies are my likes.enjoy!!!!

Bangalore Geek Night with Chad Fowler Start: 24 March, 2010 - 06:30 pm Timezone: IST

Topic : "The Big Rewrite"

Topic : "The Big Rewrite"

We at ThoughtWorks are delighted to invite you to our latest GeekNight. An exciting talk about cutting edge technology and tons of learnings await you! You also get to meet like minded geeks in a space that encourages open discussions and interact withfellow technologists.

You have got an existing, successful software product and hit the ceiling on extensibility and maintainability. Your project platform is inflexible, and your application is a software house of cards that can not support another new feature. You have seen the videos, the weblog posts and the hype, and you have decided you are going to reimplement your product in Rails (or Java, or .NET, or Erlang, etc.). Beware! This is a longer, harder, more failure-prone path than you expect.

Chad Fowler has been involved in Big Rewrite after Big Rewrite, since he has an interest in learning eclectic computer languages, operating systems, and development environments. Not being just-a-Java-guy or just-a-Windows-guy has led to Chad becoming aserial rewriter. Chad has been on projects to replace C, COBOL, PHP, Visual Basic, Perl, PLSQL, VBX and all manner ofarchitectural atrocities with the latest technology.

Many big Rewrite projects have resulted in unhappy customers, political battles, missed deadlines, and sometimes complete failure to deliver. In all cases, the projects were considerably harder than the project initiators ever thought they would be. It is possible to do The Big Rewrite well and it is possible to fail miserably. This talk will outline some of the problems that teams encounter during rewrite projects as well as some strategies to make them go smoothly.

About The Speaker: Chad Fowler is an internationally known software developer, trainer, manager, speaker, and musician. He has worked with some of the world's largest companies and most admired software developers. As CTO of InfoEther, he spends much of his time solving hard problems for customers. He is co-organizer of RubyConf, RailsConf, and RailsConf Europe and author of a number of popular software books, including the recently releasedThe Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development.

Who Should Attend
Geeks, programmers and technologists. Developers who would like to get hands-on experience on how to rewrite an entire application. Project Managers and IT managers who want to do the Big Rewrite.

ThoughtWorks Technologies
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tel: +91 80 4064 9570

About GeekNights
Informal meetings for tech people to exchange ideas, code and learnings. Held periodically at ThoughtWorks offices in Bangalore, Pune and Chennai.

Call us on +91 98454 24013

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Ignite Chennai 2 starting 23 April, 2010 - 06:00 pm

ThoughtWorks hosts the second edition of Ignite Chennai! Imagine you're on stage. You have 5 minutes, 20 slides advancing every 15 seconds. What is the passionate topic that you would talk about?

On April 23, 2010, 6:00 PM at ThoughtWorks Chennai, YOU can have that stage. Any topic that you think is interesting is welcome (no sales pitches or a product demos please!).

If you are interested in speaking, email us your presentation to In case you have any queries you can reach us on +91 9500059774.

The event is free, so if you're interested in meeting people, learning something new and sharing their passions, RSVP via email.Let's Ignite Chennai!

ThoughtWorks Technologies
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Chennai - 600 032
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meet u there folks