Ajax Audio Book

Reading Hearing Ajax(courtesy iPod) to incorporate in my web designing goings-on.

The audiobook provides an excellent introduction to Ajax. In the first half, they describe how Ajax works, note the history of Ajax and its underlying technologies, the advantages and disadvantages of using Ajax, and describe two popular examples from Google.

In the second half they describe how to develop with Ajax, covering IDEs, debuggers, frameworks and JsUnit.

If you want to learn about Ajax and are pressed for time, this is the audiobook for you.

Though its released as early as 06’ felt quite okay with it. $0 USD.

get it from

Planning to record my lectures for web designing subjects and multicast it through a site. Waiting with fingers crossed to get a domain.

Audiobooks.org -is a excellent site providing Free Audiobooks, audio books, MP3 Books.

BTW Kindle DX does audio books too.


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