Turmeric Reapplied

In India, that too in rural areas, women used turmeric power made from raw solid turmeric as soap, applying it all over the body to prevent allergies and have a antiseptic effect on their body. I remember my mom a bit yellow in color after applying it when I was a child...I am writing it after I saw a female in FTV walking in the ramp ,yellow skinned, is it turmeric?

Google pack

Have you downloaded the Google pack for your mom’s laptop? Google Pack is Software specifically selected by Google, Always free - no trial versions or spy ware, Ready to use in just a few clicks. It is intently not made for tech savvy people and for people dealing with application and not wit technology. Try it

Internet Users by Country

Though fourth in the list of highest number of internet users in the world .India as a country is the last in the percentage of people using the internet, it’s a very sad that only peoples in metros and urban places use the internet in India. If it goes to the village, ultimately numbers will improve. India is still a developing country (for more than two decade) and will be a developing country for another decade.

Things will change when the government concentrates and develops the infrastructure and other attributes of non urban places.


Third National Symposium on Open Source Software Development
(1st & 2nd August 2009)
Organized by http://www.vit.ac.in/ (Vellore) a place Two hours from chennai ,Four hours from bangalore.

Topics of this workshop include:–
-LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
- Ruby on Rails
- Kernel programming (Hands-on)
- Linux Servers and Virtualization
- Linux server Installation and Configuration
- General OSS applications and projects

For more information Ping Swantantra

Twitter Verified Account

is your twitter a

Verified Account beta

It is to check whether you are real you.that is authenticity .They are starting with well-known accounts that have had problems with impersonation or identity confusion. (For example, well-known artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies).later will be moving to less-famous accounts.Still time for my twitter to go for a CT Scan.

oprah devotes an entire show to Twitter

Have you heard about Twitter? Millions are hooked on it. Oprah's has already started using twitter.Has over 50 plus tweets .follow her in twitter http://twitter.com/oprah

oprah follows 15 people,has about 1,951,998 Followers

Microsoft, Yahoo Agree On Search Deal Partnership


An Easy Way to Increase Creativity

What Scientific American Says
Hats off to all who are working to bring the entire Tamil-nadu’s (inside India) villages information on Wikipedia .I really dream to see my village right there at a click. Already collecting information and photo-shots for it.

UK englisc

One of our relatives came down to India after a decade, and they were shockingly amazed hearing Indian English accent .They feel the vocabulary is much better their current generation English. She also added that English country youth can’t start or end a sentence without that “F” word.

The founder himself have tumbled (The term nursery rhyme is used for ‘traditional’ songs for young children in Britain and many English speaking countries).

Expecting "retweet"

Amazon’s Acquisitions and Investments, Visualized

Whenever recession hits, the industry that start booming will always be educational. People who where benched and who run out of fresh job ,will go for further “univer-sitting” .This causes the sudden rise in the sales of books and educational gears. Amazon rock.

People read a blog and make it hit all a sudden, because they believe other people read it and don't want to be left behind.