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10-year-old boy accused of murdering father

In new Mexico
If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.~Jack Dixon

defiant! Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times

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According to the United States federal government—
at least 4.4 million people found themselves laid off between December 2007 and
March 2009.
That’s a huge number, and it’s just the United States.
This little book provides a dose of inspiration to help you change your mindset and thrive—even in an economic downturn.
When everyone else scrambles helter-skelter and proclaims the sky is falling, you must become defiant.

Accident and Emergency Doctor positions in UK

Nokia siemens networks recruitment for freshers

Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77

Sen. Ted Kennedy has died of cancer at age 77. Kennedy, the 'liberal lion' of the Senate, is the youngest brother of the late President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. Edward M. Kennedy, known by his nickname Ted, fought for national health care, union and workers' rights, and many liberal causes during his political career.
nowadays people (especially computing domain ed) rank themselves with Google;kudos to Google.

Microsoft Office 2010 technical preview--screenshots

Microsoft Office 2010 will be released early next year and it appears Microsoft has made extensive usability improvements across the entire Office suite.

Microsoft apologized

Microsoft apologized for using photo editing techniques to change the race of a person depicted on the company's Web site.

In a photo on the company's U.S. Web site, three businesspeople--one black, one white and one Asian are shown as part of a pitch for Microsoft's business productivity software. In the same photo on the site of Microsoft's Polish subsidiary, a white head is placed over the black person's body, although the hand is not changed.

The move sparked controversy after it was noticed, quickly making the rounds on Twitter and various Web sites.

"We are looking into the details of this situation," a Microsoft representative told CNET News. "We apologize and are in the process of pulling down the image" from the Polish site. Microsoft also apologized on its corporate Twitter feed.

Job openings with VIT University,vellore,India

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The Right Way to Get Media Attention

by Vivek Wadhwa
Most entrepreneurs I know think that when they achieve success, fame will follow. And now that I have made the transition from business to academia, I can also say that my academic friends think that big discoveries automatically lead to big press.

They're dreaming. Ralph Waldo Emerson was wrong when he said, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door." The reality is that even if you did, no one would find you. To be known, you have to have a great story and tell it to the right people.

I've co-founded two successful software companies. In the first, we grew into a $100 million revenue machine in five years and pulled off a successful initial public offering. But it seemed as if no one had ever heard of us. Out of frustration, we used to joke that we should change our motto to "We've never heard of you either."

So when I started my second company, I made it a point to understand how the media work and to focus as much effort on public relations as on other aspects of the business. The result? Over a period of four years, we were featured in over 1,000 articles across the globe. Customers did beat a path to our door.
A Compelling Message

What's the secret to getting attention? In theory it's pretty simple—you have to have a compelling message then make sure that the right audience hears it.

But what does this mean in practice? You should start by creating a short press release or one-page summary of what you want to say. Be sure to focus on the right audience. You may find your own products very interesting and expect the world to share your interest. But this is rarely the case. Others aren't usually interested in you, but they may be interested in how your product affects them.

Highlight how your offering is different from everyone else's, why it matters, how it's going to make a difference in the world, and why anyone should believe what you say. At the same time, forget the buzzwords and keep your message simple. Technical jargon doesn't make you more credible and neither do exaggerated claims.
Find the Right Journalists

And while you may want to talk about every single feature, too much detail dilutes your message. Just highlight the few things that differentiate you. Write the release or summary as you would want it to be told and make it interesting. Once you have a solid pitch, your next step is find the right journalists to pitch it to. Read dozens of online and print publications to identify who may be interested.

While everyone wants to be in national publications, you are going to be up against stiff competition if you go after them immediately. Instead, start small. Identify the trade publications, regional newspapers, and industry Web sites that are likely to have the most interest in you. Find out who covers your beat or specific topic. Journalists are always looking to be the first to report on a topic of interest to their readers, or to present a new aspect of a hot trend. Read other stories by the same journalists and get a feel for what type of stories they write. Make sure that your story is relevant to their beat.

Customize your pitch for every journalist you think would be interested and write them or call. Most publications list e-mail addresses on their Web sites and provide phone numbers for their editors. You'll be surprised to find that most journalists do respond to such messages. They may not be interested in you at first, but may include you in a future story. Journalists are always looking for fresh ideas and sources.
Become a Trusted Source

If you do get an interview, listen very carefully to what the journalist is interested in. You will want to talk about yourself and your product, but that may not be what you are being called about. The journalist may be doing a totally different story and want to get your perspective. Your goal is to become a trusted source and build a relationship so you can be at the center of future stories. I can't emphasize enough: Be sure to tell the truth because journalists will pick up on spin and hype.

To increase your chances of being included or featured in a story, give the journalist a news hook. Find some way to tie what you do to the big news story of the day or current trends. Don't forget, the goal is to create a story people want to read. So make your pitch relevant to current events and reader interest. Also be sure to have an opinion and express it. Being provocative and honest is always a good way to get attention and to be quoted. Don't say things that you will someday regret, but don't hesitate to express your feelings and your belief in the message you are communicating.

Also, don't forget to make yourself available. Journalists usually have tight deadlines and need answers fast. If you want to get press coverage, you will have to make yourself available within a short time of getting a call.

You can hire a PR agency to help you with all this. Some are very competent and know who to contact and what to say. But I've always had the greatest success and built long lasting relationships with journalists I've contacted myself (see BW Online, 4/9/07, "Effective PR on a Limited Budget").

Vivek Wadhwa, a former tech entrepreneur, is the Wertheim Fellow at the Harvard Law School and an executive-in-residence at Duke University. He writes a column on policy issues affecting entrepreneurs every month.

Why you should learn to type

The bottom line is this - if you type with one or two fingers of each hand, the average person can probably manage 40-60 wpm (words per minute). If you learn to touch-type, you can increase that speed to 60-100 wpm.

Most of the things we do on a computer involve typing to some degree. And the quicker you can type, the quicker you get those tasks done. The quicker you get your stuff done, the more productive you are, which lets you:

  • Complete tasks and jobs more quickly
  • Get more achieved in limited time
  • Do more jobs in a month
  • Have more free time to sit back and think up ideas
  • Or just try out alternatives

And this makes you better at whatever it is you do.

You may think that, as a web designer, you're more mouse-oriented. Maybe you use visual tools to create and edit web pages. If so, watch how much you use your keyboard in the next hour.

Unless you are made of wood, your brain can think a heck of a lot faster than your fingers can type. So your typing is certainly the bottleneck to your productivity.


Touch-typing is nothing magical. It's quite a simple process. Here's how it works.

Instead of watching the keyboard as you type, you watch the screen, and you type without looking. You place your hands on the keyboards, with both index fingers touching the little lumps (normally) on the F and J keys (D and K on some Mac keyboards I've seen). You simply learn the position of each key on the keyboard, and through practice your body (your physical memory) remembers which finger moves where to hit that key.

AFter a while, the process is so automatic that you only have to think a word for it to appear on the screen. I find it a very enjoyable way to work, because it's less tiring, and you don't have to keep shifting your eyes from keyboard to screen. Another benefit is that, because you're watching as you type, you can instantly spot any typing errors and correct them straightaway.

Oleg wrote to add another benefit, which is that touch-typing helps free your mind from the mechanics of what you're doing, helping you to focus on the task in hand. He also adds that because touch-typing is easier, it's less tiring. I certainly agree with that.

Another bonus is that touch-typing involves less movement, and so is lower-impact on the hands and wrists, which can help prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury).

The catch of learning to type

Here's the catch. To learn to touch-type, you have to stop typing the way you have always done it. This means you need to accept that you'll be slower for a few months before you get quicker. But you will get quicker - significantly quicker - and it is worth it.

How to learn

There's only one way: to commit to learning to type properly, and then to practice diligently for a few weeks.

I strongly recommend getting some software to help you learn. That's how I learnt, and my reasons for recommending it are:

  • You need to learn the best fingers to use for each key.
  • Software can make something quite boring feel like having fun, with games and tests.
  • It helps you go in bite-size steps, building from the first few "home" keys to the full keyboard in a manageable way.

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"Education [..] is a process of living and not a preparation for future living." -John Dewey


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Ganpati Bappa Morya!

hear it

Be @ Yelagiri Hills from September 11 to 13, 2009

Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation & Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association jointly organize a three-day paragliding festival will be conducted in Yelagiri Hills from September 11 to 13, 2009. In spite of paragliding there is also trekking, rock climbing and biking.

Participants have to trek at least one km to reach the top. Each joyride will last for 15 to 20 minutes and the entry fee is Rs.1,000/- per person. There is no age-limit. However, they should not be weak or obese.

For details contact:

Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association
Regd. Off : Tamilnadu Tourism Information Centre,
Kottayur Road (Athanavur Main Road),
Yelagiri Hills – 635 853, Vellore, Taminadu.

Phone : 9840593194, 9442357711, 9444449591, 9444033307.
E-mail :
Website :

Indians are smarter!!!

Three construction contractors died and went to heaven – a Pakistani, a Chinese, and an Indian. When they got there St. Peter welcomed them warmly and asked if they could do him a favor before they entered heaven.

It seems that the Pearly gates were in need of some repair, and he wanted some estimates.

The Pakistani contractor looked the job over carefully and estimated the job at $900. When asked how he came up with that figure, he said, “$300 materials, $300 labor, and $300 profit.”

St. Peter then asked the Chinese contractor for an estimate. After careful inspection he answered, “$3300 – $1100 materials, $1100 labor, and $1100 profit.”

When St. Peter ask the Indian for an estimate, he answered immediately without looking over the job at all – $2900.

Asked how he came up with that figure he answered, “Simple, $1000 for you, $1000 for me, and $900 to get the Pakistani contractor over there to do the work.”


SENNET ‘09 @VIT University

Call for Papers

Papers are invited on the topics outlined below and other subjects of relevance to the theme of the conference. Abstracts of about 250 words should be submitted to the Convener of the conference. You may upload your abstracts in the conference website or send it via E-Mail. The abstracts will be peer reviewed, and acceptance will be intimated to the authors for submitting the full manuscript as per the guidelines.

Papers must be submitted in IEEE format.

The conference addresses the following topics of interest which include (but not limited to) the following.

Sensor Systems Based on

* Physical Sensors

* Optical Sensors

* Chemical and Gas Sensors

* Thick and Thin Film Sensors

* Bio Sensors


* NDE sensors

Sensor and Related Networks

* Wireless Sensor networks

* Routing Algorithms

* Energy and Resource Management

* Fault Tolerance

* Reliability Analysis

* Security issues in WSN

* Operating Systems and Middle ware for WSN

* Wireless Sensor Network Simulators

* Optical fiber networks

* Multiple simultaneous sensing capabilities of Fiber Optic Sensors


Automotive, Medical, Environmental Monitoring, Consumer, Security, Defense, Nuclear, Space, Sensor Networks for Real time Applications etc.

Important Dates to Remember

Last date for the submission of Abstract: September 16, 2009

Intimation of acceptance of the Abstract: September 25, 2009

Last Date for Registration of Complete paper: October 30, 2009

E-mail Contacts

eINDIA 2009 conference ,25-27 aug 2009 @HICC,HYD

eINDIA 2009 is a unique platform for knowledge sharing in different domains of ICT for development and facilitates multi-stakeholder partnerships and networking among governments, industry, academia and civil society organisations of different countries, including the host country- India. The objective is to bring together ICT experts, practitioners, business leaders and stakeholders of the region onto one platform, through keynote addresses, paper presentations, thematic workshops and exhibitions. In short, the event provides an excellent opportunity for participants to interact with a wide and diverse development community.The conference and exhibition is being organised by Centre for Science, Develpment and Media Studies (CSDMS) and Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd and has the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as its co-organiser..

eINDIA 2009, through its five seminal conferences, will focus on five emerging application domains of ICT for Development - e-Government, ICT in Education, ICT and Agriculture, and ICT enabled Health services. The five conferences - namely:

* egov India
* digital learning India
* Indian Telecentre Forum
* eHEALTH India
* eAgriculture India

iTunes 8.2.1 is out

go here

Check out



graVITas, the International Technical and Management fest, from September 11th - 13th, 2009, is the biggest event of its kind ever to hit VIT(

Happening at VIT from 11th to 13th of September ’09, we anticipate a massive participation of about 18,000 to 22,000 students and individuals from around the world. The variety and the challenge offered by our events is matched only by the diverse participants who are either thirsty for knowledge or fun-loving or both!

graVITas’09 aspires to offer you challenging events which will keep your grey cells alive and kicking. To help you unwind, there will be professional shows and fun event. And did we mention prize money and possible sponsors for your entrepreneurship ideas?

So put your innovative caps on, and show your mettle! Compete, learn, and have loads of fun. Teach a little and learn a little. Come, join us at graVITas and mingle with the best!

for registration and event details CLik

opening for QA Engineer in FL,U.S

If you know any one to lead a QA team in Verizon Tampa FL, kindly tell them to send the resume to me.

Project is for 6 months to 2 years.

Start immediately.

Rate $23/hr

The rate is low, because this is a weighted rate.

Contact :-TV Ravichandran

Droisys, Inc. - IT Consulting and Services - San Jose CA/Plano TX/India

(M) 214-663-1393 (F) 972-692-9905 Visit us at

International journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

International journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA)

ISSN 0974 – 9330 (Online)

0975 – 2307 (Print)

Scope & Topics

The International journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA) is a quarterly open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in all areas of the computer Network Security & its applications. The journal focuses on all technical and practical aspects of security and its applications for wired and wireless networks. The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding Modern security threats and countermeasures, and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the journal by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the areas of Security & its applications. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following

• Network and Wireless Network Security

• Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security

• Peer-to-Peer Network Security

• Database and System Security

• Intrusion Detection and Prevention

• Internet Security & Applications

• Security & Network Management

• E-mail security, Spam, Phishing, E-mail fraud

• Virus, worms, Trojon Protection

• Security threats & countermeasures (DDoS, MiM, Session Hijacking, Replay attack etc,)

• Ubiquitous Computing Security

• Web 2.0 security

• Cryptographic protocols

• Performance Evaluations of Protocols & Security Application

Paper submission

Authors are invited to submit papers for this journal through e-mail

Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this Journal.

Important Dates

Submission deadline: 15 August 2009

Acceptance notification: 15 September 2009

Final manuscript due: 01 November 2009

Publication date: determined by the Editor-in-Chief

For other details please visit

Nature Vs Science

Nature V

Theatre Entrepreneurship In India

They said "Theatre can never make money", and Evam, 'The Happy Factory' was born!! Its been 5 years, 16 plays, 225 shows with 1.6 crore turnover. This young brand has created a sensation in theatre circles. Evam boasts of a full-time team of 10 employees, a part time team of 30 across 3 cities.

In the business of storytelling - Evam serves to make the world happier - and currently does this in the form of live English stage plays, corporate workshops, student interactions, theatre festivals, drama of sound and lights and cinema in future.

Join Sunil Vishnu as he talks about the importance of following your dream, creating not only a business but a career out of your passion, being a successful first generation entrepreneur and having a blast doing it!

Speaker Profile

Sunil Vishnu is the co-founder and director of Evam, an entertainment company with theatre as its core offering. He is the India winner of the Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur 2009 award given by the British Council. He was also nominated as a finalist at the "MTV Youth Icons Contest" and "Tata NEN Hottest Startup Contest".

Banyan Tree Series Organizers
If you have any queries, please call Govind at +91 90030 28376

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What Time?
6:00 p.m. onwards

ThoughtWorks Technologies, R R Tower 5, Level - 2, Rishabh Info Park 33 A Developed Plots Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate Ekkatuthangal, Guindy Chennai - 600 032

Who should attend?
This talk caters to all those who want to live their dreams and learn more about what it means to be a first generation entrepreneur.

About Banyan Tree Series
This is a series of talks where ThoughtWorks invites luminaries from other fields in an attempt to learn from their experiences.

Chennai GeekNight Aug 20th 2009,six thirty Post meridian

Heard about the buzz, but didn't know what geeks do at night ??

Well, be sure not to miss the next one on Aug 20th 2009, Friday from 6:30 p.m. onwards at ThoughtWorks Chennai office.

So what is a Geek Night ?

A Geek Night is a forum for discussion and dissemination of ideas, technologies and techniques in the field of software development.
This is also an informal gathering where we pick a hot technology topic and proceed to discuss it and learn from each others experience and perspectives.
The meeting takes about two hours inclusive of eating/drinking (soft drinks only ;)) and heckling the presenters.
Join your fellow techies, geek gods, tech savvy pros, press, and other industry luminaries for an informal gathering at ThoughtWorks Chennai.

Also an opportunity to meet some of your old tech friends, and make some new ones.

Best of all, this event is free!

The topics of this Geek Nights would be

1. "Google App Engine (Java)" by Udayakumar Rayala & Sudhir Jonathan:

This session will focus on the Google App Engine and its differences from other application development platforms. Google App Engine lets you run your web applications on Google's infrastructure. These applications scale as your traffic and data storage needs grow, even though there are no servers to maintain.

Participants will work on a simple application (with a Google Web Toolkit front end), learn why things are done differently on the GAE Datastore / Bigtable and how to use these differences to their advantage. We'll also take a quick look at the other APIs that are bundled with the App Engine (Users / Memcache / Mail / UrlFetch).

2. "Google Wave" by Boojapathy:

A brief Introduction on the wave protocol and Google wave product which was recently released. This session will also help the participants to write a Robot which will communicate with the wave participants.

It sure would be an evening to remember, do make it along with your friends. But before that register your names here (so that we have enough to feed you)

ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.,
Level-2, RR Tower
5 Rishabh Info Park,
33A, Developed Plots,
Thuru Vi Ka Industrial Estate,
Chennai - 600 032,
t: +91 44 4395 3500/01/02

Doubts / Queries?: Contact us at chennaievents (AT)thoughtworks(DOT)com

TEDX Chennai Launched

Click its fresh

Announcement – Madras Quiz on Aug 23, 2009

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say….. MADRAS?

What does Madras mean to you? Marina Beach? Central Station? Chennai Citi-Center? Sathyam Cinemas? Filter kaapi, idli-vada-sambhar, Sangeetha Restaurant….

We got these and more…

Presenting the Madras Quiz 2009!! Here’s where you can sing happy birthday, and learn more about the city you have loved to hate and hated to love for your own special reasons!!

So you think you know everything about Madras? Come, brag about it at the Quiz…

Hard facts:

Quiz by: IQL
Date: Aug 23, 2009 Sunday at 2.00 PM.
Teams of two- no registrations required.
Prelims followed by finals.

Teaser questions:

1. This place gets its name from the tamil for “Place of coconut trees” due to the coconut groves that once existed there. Which area/ locality in chennai?

2. The children in Vidyasagar’s udavum karangal were helped by the sculptors of Cholamandalam to create some sculptures which were bought by corporate group. Which group?

3. A construction company has come up with a unique offer of having school in their newly developed township. Which school has consented to have their premises inside the township.


1. Teynampet
2. Ashok Leyland
3. Padma Seshadri

Here’s a poster for the BIG EVENT!!


Team IQL

via (

i was in kamban

I was in Kamban College of Engineering on August 6, 2009 to deliver a talk on Advanced Intelligent Systems and their application. It was really striking to see the enthusiasm of the students and faculty members present at the auditorium.

Started with traditional lightening of Kuthu Vilakhu and inauguration of a new club for the Information Technology department named “iOXYZEN”.
The guest of honor was I. The Head of department of Information Technology Department Prof.Saravanan was one of the patrons of the Technical club. His energy level was extreme and he runs the department tidily (the student community high pitch clap sound was the proof). I really learned a lot from him, mainly his polished manners. The best possessions the college has with it its Professor cum Principal of the college Dr.T.G PALANIVELU .

Chatting with him gave a remarkable good ideas a person has to incorporate within him. I was amazed him talking about minute level updated trends from the domains of computer science (he is from Communication sphere).He still teaches, amidst all time administrative works .I really had a good time with them. I devote this web log to them,

Thank you Dr.T.G PALANIVELU and Prof.Saravanan

My Wipro - Mission 10X Experience

You will all be with thoughts, about me un-blogging all these week. Yes I got locked in myself in another world, called mission 10X and came out with an real experience on the teaching-learning process .Mission 10x is Wipro’s initiative to improve the quality of the Engineering teachers, who were never trained formally ,How To Teach. Students finishing their post graduation degree, just enter an engineering college or a University, chalk in hand. Thinking the fact, the fate of the Future India also lies in the hands of engineers. Azim Premji’s this initiative Mission 10X, is to train the trainers, who in fact will train the prospering students. It’s a win-win situation here at this mission. The Five days will never be forgotten by anyone, attending with his/her full hearten involvement. The proper completion of the five day training will lead to dale Carnegie’s certification .following the methodologies in the classroom for a month and submitting an assignment and going through an assessment will give you mission 10 x certificate .Further involvements and sending a full throttle written document to Cambridge will deem you with Cam bride international certificate. The way they (Dr. Rajshri Jobanputra and Dr.Rajeev Sukumaran) enacted the subject in the class was a class. I still remember my otherwise very shy colleagues enacted dramas as a king and queen of drama world and as if they did it for years.

They focused on the issue of University teacher (like the word more than Professor) perspectives on the students. Mostly Every One of them always thinks the students as someone ready and born to fool them. True in some case, but due to wrong perception of the student dimension, things get worse. It was a eye-opener, when they taught as how to deal with last benchers and late comers (class claps for them, another students writes his/her name on the board, late coming students gets embarrassed and ultimately never comes late again).
The training focused on facial expression and hand movement to be done by the teacher while lecturing training a student to understand a complex topic. The 30 registered university faculty were video graphed for all their actions and was reviewed. It was nice to see oneself teaching to himself, more than self evaluation and thereby evolution.
I still follow their teaching, I dedicate this weblog (blog)posting to them, Dr. Rajshri Jobanputra and Dr.Rajeev Sukumaran(Thank you mam,sir)

For entrepreneurs with exciting idea VIT-TBI

If you are planning to start a business and have an innovative sellable idea, you will be backed u by VITTBI, morally and monetarily.

Vellore Institute of Technology-Technology Business

Incubator (VIT-TBI) provides incubation support to

innovative projects. Apart from space and services, the

following schemes cater to the early stage funding


Seed Fund Support: This assistance is from Technology

Development Board, Govt. of India to offer early stage

financial support for deserving ideas / technologies

requiring up scaling and related work to the tune of Rs.

25 Lakhs

Technopreneruship promotion Programme (TePP): A

joint initiative between DSIR & TIFAC of Union

Government. Innovators can get grants from Rs.

75,000.00 to Rs. 15.00 Lakhs in TePP phase – I.

Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Program

(L-RAMP, IIT Madras): Under this scheme, innovators

working in the areas of Energy, Water, Agriculture, Dairy

and other open sectors can obtain financial assistance

and Mentoring support.

For more details Contact

The Manager, VIT-Technology Business Incubator, VIT

University, Vellore – 632014

Phone: 0416 – 2243097 / 202301 Mobile: 09443311367

Email: /

Website: /