My Wipro - Mission 10X Experience

You will all be with thoughts, about me un-blogging all these week. Yes I got locked in myself in another world, called mission 10X and came out with an real experience on the teaching-learning process .Mission 10x is Wipro’s initiative to improve the quality of the Engineering teachers, who were never trained formally ,How To Teach. Students finishing their post graduation degree, just enter an engineering college or a University, chalk in hand. Thinking the fact, the fate of the Future India also lies in the hands of engineers. Azim Premji’s this initiative Mission 10X, is to train the trainers, who in fact will train the prospering students. It’s a win-win situation here at this mission. The Five days will never be forgotten by anyone, attending with his/her full hearten involvement. The proper completion of the five day training will lead to dale Carnegie’s certification .following the methodologies in the classroom for a month and submitting an assignment and going through an assessment will give you mission 10 x certificate .Further involvements and sending a full throttle written document to Cambridge will deem you with Cam bride international certificate. The way they (Dr. Rajshri Jobanputra and Dr.Rajeev Sukumaran) enacted the subject in the class was a class. I still remember my otherwise very shy colleagues enacted dramas as a king and queen of drama world and as if they did it for years.

They focused on the issue of University teacher (like the word more than Professor) perspectives on the students. Mostly Every One of them always thinks the students as someone ready and born to fool them. True in some case, but due to wrong perception of the student dimension, things get worse. It was a eye-opener, when they taught as how to deal with last benchers and late comers (class claps for them, another students writes his/her name on the board, late coming students gets embarrassed and ultimately never comes late again).
The training focused on facial expression and hand movement to be done by the teacher while lecturing training a student to understand a complex topic. The 30 registered university faculty were video graphed for all their actions and was reviewed. It was nice to see oneself teaching to himself, more than self evaluation and thereby evolution.
I still follow their teaching, I dedicate this weblog (blog)posting to them, Dr. Rajshri Jobanputra and Dr.Rajeev Sukumaran(Thank you mam,sir)


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