i was in kamban

I was in Kamban College of Engineering on August 6, 2009 to deliver a talk on Advanced Intelligent Systems and their application. It was really striking to see the enthusiasm of the students and faculty members present at the auditorium.

Started with traditional lightening of Kuthu Vilakhu and inauguration of a new club for the Information Technology department named “iOXYZEN”.
The guest of honor was I. The Head of department of Information Technology Department Prof.Saravanan was one of the patrons of the Technical club. His energy level was extreme and he runs the department tidily (the student community high pitch clap sound was the proof). I really learned a lot from him, mainly his polished manners. The best possessions the college has with it its Professor cum Principal of the college Dr.T.G PALANIVELU .

Chatting with him gave a remarkable good ideas a person has to incorporate within him. I was amazed him talking about minute level updated trends from the domains of computer science (he is from Communication sphere).He still teaches, amidst all time administrative works .I really had a good time with them. I devote this web log to them,

Thank you Dr.T.G PALANIVELU and Prof.Saravanan


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