What is in the west ,that's not in India?

The west is always ahead ,why there must be a reason? ,is it climate,people ,natural resources,attitude ,policies or what?

from my perspective its the people (even Indians are doing their best in the western countries ,but not in their country:) .All the people of the developed countries primarily have or at an early stage develop a passion .towards what?towards something.it might be talking ,writing ,dancing or driving.it might be about sex or rocket.the passion doesn't end with a list but their interest are never limited nor bounded.after an amateur stage of the passion they study ,browse ,learn or ask about the skills and through it out with an expert and they themselves come with an demanding idea.Their story doesn't end there.they indeed make the passion as a sale-able project or a patent or in to a monetary benefit and live a life with that Your earning .how nice it will be ,when your living is through passion and the work you do is out of your interest.Then eventually work will become worship.isn't .so will have have a passion today or will make my work more passionate and enjoy it throughly.do a separate yoga or meditation needed ,when what you do is yoga itself.