Mind always tend to think and act on the other side.

I used to give a heavy lecture ,very early in the morning ,to my semi-sleeping kid to wake up her,calling her in all sort of sweet nick names.some Mondays it used to be more lengthy,as she will still have the strains of weekend.

But today ,i told her ,that it was holiday and i saw her immediately popping out of bed and lecturing me.

OMG,what our heart tends to do..

Social media

The recent news of social media like Face book and Twitter are on the rise,not for pretty good reasons ,but for its way it focussed and grew certain unreliable ,unauthenticated  and irrelevant information like fire over the internet.few lost their fame,some their money and face and a lot their tooth too.

Its quite easy for a Face book account holder of 5000 friends to spread a false news about some body and get believed by so called face book friends ,with whom ,they would not have said “hey” not even once in real life.

the same lie is share by one of the 5000 ,who himself has some 3000 FB friends,30 more likes it and 300 more comments it.thus making a news spread between continents  in less span of time.

its better if we share a thing ,after authenticating ,else one can “report abuse”.

The content where fake plays are in health news,issue related to religion and reassigning certain critical conclusion to an older problem.

so ,lets watch what we like and share,as it authenticates,whom we are. lets make the social media a good place to be,better than the real world.


My stand on fear

Fear is a kind of feeling that affects from outside,that's what even i was perceiving.I realized that it is absolutely untrue,Fear comes from with in,deep with in oneself.

the fear of GOD,the fear of ghost,the fear of failure ,the fear of death,fear of bad happening, fear of insecurity…. at least one will haunt you at different stages of life.This fear is a nightmare ,leaving you hand cuffed,unable to tackle it ,just smiling at you when you go through it.

okay ,how to get rid of it.Its almost our guilty conscious in our sub conscious mind acting wildly.getting guilty free is to follow life in a right manner and o what your heart says good and fair,by following our instincts .doing errands away from our thoughts will lead to endless fear.

mind it,Scared.HI HI.