My stand on fear

Fear is a kind of feeling that affects from outside,that's what even i was perceiving.I realized that it is absolutely untrue,Fear comes from with in,deep with in oneself.

the fear of GOD,the fear of ghost,the fear of failure ,the fear of death,fear of bad happening, fear of insecurity…. at least one will haunt you at different stages of life.This fear is a nightmare ,leaving you hand cuffed,unable to tackle it ,just smiling at you when you go through it.

okay ,how to get rid of it.Its almost our guilty conscious in our sub conscious mind acting wildly.getting guilty free is to follow life in a right manner and o what your heart says good and fair,by following our instincts .doing errands away from our thoughts will lead to endless fear.

mind it,Scared.HI HI.


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