HP Labs India-Internship for MS or PhD students at HP Labs India Bangalore

HP Labs India
Internship for MS or PhD students at HP Labs India Bangalore
HP Labs India provides an excellent opportunity for interns to contribute to ongoing research programs, working with cutting edge technologies having deep impact. Our internship program accepts high quality interns from both Indian and international universities. We are especially interested in candidates enrolled for MS or PhD programs in computer science, electrical engineering, user-centered design, design ethnography, and business research. The tenure is generally 3-6 months

HP currently seeking interns for the following project areas

3-D hand pose estimation for gesture recognition
Strong background in computer vision, image analysis and human-computer interaction is required.

A Type System based on Semantic Web
Background in Programming Language design is essential. Exposure to Lambda Calculus, Type Systems required. Knowledge of logic programming and semantic web desirable.

Conversational multimodal interfaces
Background in building dialog based/conversational interfaces for multimodal systems required.

Dynamic Network Analysis for Web Change analysis and modeling
Knowledge of Web mining, Graph algorithms is essential. Exposure to Formal models, Dynamic Network Analysis will be an added advantage

Embedded P2P workflow engine
Good knowledge of distributed systems, databases, embedded system and related topics. Good analytical skills and fluent programming ability in C++/Java are required. Background in middleware and web services would be ideal.

Gaze tracking
Background in image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition etc. essential. Experience in building gaze tracking systems would be a plus

Human computer information retrieval
Exposure to one of the following topics desirable - Relevance feedback, user intent determination/user profiling, faceted search, information visualization

Print and scan' resilient semi supervised document clustering:
Image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning, C/C++, MATLAB, pursuing Masters or higher degrees in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

Print-scan channel modeling and detection
Strong base in digital communications, digital signal processing, Fourier transforms and related topics. Good mathematical skills and fluent programming ability in Matlab/C are essential. Background in information and coding theory would be ideal.

User Action Understanding
Exposure to sequence mining. Frequent pattern mining and related technologies, particularly in the context of web. Knowledge of some tools and techniques in Cognitive User Modeling will be of great advantage.

To apply, send your Resume by email to hplindia.careers@hp.com with the subject line: Internships in < the area of interest >

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