Will China sanction unrestricted browsing experience for the foreign journalists, bloggers and reports during Olympics is a big question till today. Even Wikipedia and BBC are said to be barred. It is said that the government is working on it yet. It is still mysterious, whether keyword filtration, another common censorship method, will continue. The spelling of ‘TIBET’ even gets your page banned in china.

So if keyword filtering continues, but IP and domain blocking are turned off, browsers in China will be able to access Wikipedia, BlogSpot blogs, Wordpress-hosted blogs, the BBC, and many other sites that I currently have to use proxies to access.

Keyword filtering is more directed and less likely to be detected by visitors not used to the restrictions. Here's how it works:

  • A browser requests a page on an unrestricted IP address.
  • In transit, one node in a network of checkpoints and filtering software detects filtered keywords.
  • That node, through which data packets are being routed, sends a "reset connection" command to both the browser and the host.
  • The transmission stops, and the browser displays a connection reset message, making it appear as if there may be a transmission or Web server glitch, not censorship, at work.

I doubt that the entire censorship will be pulled off during the Olympics.


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