I was Sunday’ing .thought of helping my wife out there in kitchen, she shooed me off. I made our dining stand to kitchen. So what I made?

Took out a whole bar of plain chocolate (normal size without wafers, nuts and extras.)

Micro waved and Melted for five minutes. (Transformed it to hot chocolate, Yummy!)

Took 4 Plain Bread slices (milk bread, not sandwich or ginger bread) and applied butter on it equally.

Soaked the breads in to the Liquid chocolate by pouring it on the bread.

Dressed the bed with cashew parts.

Was admiring it for five minutes.

Ate two pieces, gave wife and daughter 1-1.

Wow, yummy, saliva is splitting out yaar.( it took only 15 minutes to start and end eating the dish).

More dishes to come……keep watching.


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