Copyscape – Search for Website Plagiarism and Duplicate Content Online

This decade saw the exponential growth of Social networks and blogs. People are by default becoming blogger s for a specific reason and goal. On the other hand plagiarism has also been growing in a rapid and steady way. It is very easy to copy and paste content from a net resource, without the permission and knowledge of its owner as the internet has grown to greater extents in all dimensions day by day.
Here comes the rescue Copyscape – it’s a Search for Website Plagiarism and Duplicate Content Online.
It’s actually a Search engine like my favorite GOOGLE .except it locates duplicated materials on the Internet. On the space to search, we need to give an URL, viz, and for it gives as the contents of the WebPages with the URL that have contents from our search URL or the other way.
It will give an easy way to identify and quarantine the culprit. By sighting a Copyscape logo, we can defend our site with a plagiarism warning banner!

Enjoy unplagarism .technical writers does it manually!
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