Free Sub Domain !!!

Get 100% Free Domain And Web Hosting.
It is been provided by the OpenPeta Users .The service provider afford the users a lot of features ,not limited to

1. PHP-MySQL Support.
2. Wordpress Blogging Software.
3. Customised Themes and Plugins Support.
4. Unlimited Bandwidth and Size .

Open Peta is dedicated for Open Source and its related works , The purpose of providing free sub domain is to spread the useful information to all over the world . You need the following things for getting free sub domain at openpeta.
The prerequisites for getting it done is given in the site.
Rules of OpenPeta Sub domain Content Publishing

1. You should not use any adult content
2. You should not use any copyrighted content or images or videos [ You can use those content with proper permission from copyright owner]
GET going...
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