My friend's uncle’s daughter Nita is quite an intelligent girl. She secured and had full marks in all her examinations, right now she is studying class Eleventh (In India, Tamil nadu we have 1-12 standards of classes after kinder garden programme and before University courses).The incident took place when she was finishing her tenth standard and waiting for the result. As a dazzling learner, she knew she will habitually get centum (100/100) marks in all of her subjects. When the result was announced, she was really surprised to have got 96 and 97 in two subjects. In fact she even took back the question sheets and validated herself to find whether ,has she done any mistakes accidentally and could not find one. Eventually she applied for revaluation on the very next day with confidence and felt little embarrassed seeing that all other students and parents of them criticizing her for getting peak marks only internally in school not in public exam, because of the favoring teachers. Media, both TV and newspapers were flooded with advertisement of schools with student’s secured marks and photo of them. The state first, second and third...were given mementos and scholarship by the state chief and were broadcasted having sweets in their mouth. Nita witnessed all these quietly .Results came after a week, Nita as she deserved ,earned centum in the revalued subjects Her total beefed to extra seven marks and total came equivalent to the first rank holder of the state. Media was broadcasting an actress remarriage with her first ex, after having divorce with him.


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