Not only when it comes to Technology, in trends too Japanese youth lead the way. Top of piercing all parts of the body, a new unhealthy trend has got hold of Japan.

The latest rage sweeping clubs from Tokyo to Osaka has Japanese youth injecting themselves with saline and creating temporary disfigurements on their faces and other parts of their bodies. The process, commonly known as 'saline inflation' is also known as 'body modding.'

Lot of expert are coming up for saline injection process and cashing on bucks.

"Things like suspensions are really quick. But saline infusion is a gradual process and you become a freak progressively. That’s the joy of it,” he explains. “You can enjoy watching it by having a few drinks and gradually seeing a transformation, but if you’re looking all the time, you can’t see the difference. If you meander off and come back, it’s a real surprise.”


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