Windows Research Kernel for operating system enthusiastic .

The WRK(Windows Research Kernel) packages core Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 SP1 kernel source code with an environment for building and testing experimental versions of the Windows kernel for use in teaching and research.

The WRK includes the source for Processes, Threads, LPC,Virtual memory,Scheduler,Object manager, I/O manager,Synchronization,Worker threads, Kernel heap manager, Other core Windows (NTOS) kernel functionality. All of the computer professional must need to know about our Operating System to the kernel, to get application created on it. but fatefully, we all will learn only theoretical impact of it. To stretch further our knowledge of WIN Os, Its time to use WRK (Windows Research Kernel).

The WRK is useful in design projects that allow your students to explore operating system (OS) principles using the Windows kernel sources. It facilitates the building of experiments and projects based on modifying the Windows kernel, enabling advanced teaching and research that promote better understanding of the Windows architecture and implementation.

WRK is primarily intended for faculty and instructors working in the area of operating systems who develop courses and write textbooks and want to include information about the Windows kernel based on the actual source code.

The WRK includes a build/test environment and binaries for the omitted source components, which can be used to build fully functional NTOS kernels that can be installed on Windows Server 2003 for x86/x64 and Windows XP x64.

Like all the components of the Windows Academic Program, the WRK is for academic, non-commercial use only.

Who can use

Use of the Windows Research Kernel requires academic affiliation with an accredited institution of higher education and direct involvement in teaching and/or research, such as:

  • Academic faculty or staff members
  • System or lab administrators or instructors
  • Students enrolled in relevant undergraduate or graduate programs
  • Academic researchers working on faculty-sponsored projects.

OS Teachers, kindly note. You can craft the course practical than blah blah theory…


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