Govt set to scrap Class 10 board exams, fix grades

Class 10 students of schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) won’t have to give board exams from the next academic year and will be graded for their performance through the year.

The Union Human Resources Development Ministry, after weeks of debate, has revealed a plan for reforming the school exam system. The Government will implement a grading system for Class 10 from the next session. No marks, only grades will be awarded to students.

Students will be graded for their performance through the year and not just on the basis of one exam. Grading will be mandatory but students can also opt for a board exam.

If unwell, students will also have the option of taking an exam later. Students will have to pass in at least four out of five subjects.

The grades will be A1, A2 and the lowest E, which will be regarded as failure. Students with E2-grade can appear in a compartment exam


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