Microsoft HealthVault

Take charge of your family’s health and make more informed health decisions for yourself and your loved ones. Learn more
HealthVault lets you …

* Organize your health information, with everything in one place
* Simplify your life: enter health info once, use it in many ways
* Gain insight with data that helps you make informed decisions

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what they say?
Smart health solutions
We looked into the most common health concerns, then pulled together web applications and health devices focused on helping you meet your goals and take charge of your health.
What do you want to do?
* Lose or maintain weight
* Get fit, stay fit
* Manage high blood pressure
* Organize family health info
* Prepare for emergency

Privacy Principles

  • You can control the Microsoft HealthVault record you create.
  • You can decide what goes into your HealthVault record.
  • You can decide who can see, use and share your information.
  • Microsoft won’t use your information in HealthVault to personalize ads or services without explicit permission.
  • ya its good!


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