Was to the site, while actually surfing about world time zones, CalendarHub is a site provisioned to web calendar our events, imperative dates and not-to- forget events .As soon as user create an ID, eventually provides with all the facilities to the user. Fastidious for a Beta site.
Some of the features include
Stay Organized-Create a personal calendar and add birthdays, social functions, and random get-togethers with friends, and while you're at it, create reminders for paying bills, remembering special occasions, or checking that online auction.
Coordinate Your Team-Create a calendar for your office. Keep track of to-dos’, milestones, and deadlines. Set some goals, get everyone on board, and then... Get started!
Promote Yourself-Create a calendar for your church, your band, your team or your University. Publish an event feed on your own website or blog so people can follow you and get involved. Get noticed!
Inform Your Audience-Teachers: Publish exam dates, homework due dates, project deadlines, etc. Students: Subscribe to your class' calendar, or else create your own class calendars then roll them up into one view so you can stay abreast of it all. Get A's! :)
Stay in Touch with Friends and Family-Create a schedule for your family. Create reminders for all your children's scheduled activities. Get together!

The technical features of it is not limited to
• Creating multiple personal or group calendars
• Finding local events and add them to your calendar
• Getting reminders by email or on your phone
• Inviting others to your events
• Ajax-based drag & drop interface
• RSS feeds for any calendar view
• Subscribing to public calendars (e.g. iCal)
• Import/Export (e.g. Outlook, Yahoo)
Usage of it can be enhanced according to the creativeness of the user. Am using this site calendar as by proxy Blackberry .its carries you satisfactorily.


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