From Road traffic Accident to Tasmac

          One of my  friend on the other day was riding in his two wheeler from our university to his home .There is a stretch of road from our University to Chitoor bus stand ,which is a hub for diversion to different places ,this length of road has small villages between like old katpadi and others .as usual the roadsides are more populated with shops ,people and stray dogs.

My friend was riding usual in 40 miles per hour.there was a dog fight going on on other side of the road ,when a dog started chasing a weaker one of them , it crossed from one side of the road and ran in to his bike ,between wheels,he was met with an accident and luckily escaped with mere scratches and torn pants.

the next day ,at tea time ,he was complaining about the dog and mentioned that ,the blue cross cares about dogs and there no such organization for human and told of complaining to the municipality about the attacks of stray dogs.another friend ,interrupted and said that the dogs are because of the temporary shops on the road side ,which sells beefs and chicken ,the friend also told that the road side shops were because of the TASMAC -alcohol shop.

all problems starts and end at a point.


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