My Mission 10X experience -past and post.....

How it started

I got a mail in our university mailbox, stating that a training program, by wipro is to be held for a week, and that was the first time of that kind-of training program in the University. There were no competitions for the seats, which was limited with constraints. I got it, actually we got it ,as we three of our faculty friends resistered.Little we know that the training program “Mission 10X” by Corporate giant “WIPRO” is going to change our professional Life.


Day 1

We were all asked to be in the auditorium at 9.00 am for the inaugural function. As usual we were there by dot 09.10(our mind time is set in that pattern ,that we do go to any inaugural ten minutes late to find out that we were already 15 minutes earlier.) ,possessions were all set in correct fashion ,and eventually got over in the stipulated time frame.


The first glimpse of the resource person was not very attractive in the perspective of agedness, we usually are in a standpoint that somebody old with salt and pepper head are worth a teacher (that IIT, IISC, kind-of).The lady in our auditorium was introduced as so and so and most of the participant are bytes older than her. But the minute she opened her mouth, we were all out of thought, several questions raised in our minds, eventually as her talk got sank in our brains.

Day 2

The resource person was trying to disapprove several of our teaching skills, which we were hundred percent sure that, it was optimal. Videos of our teaching explained properly where we lagged, was it body-language, English language, subject or lag of passion for teaching. On watching there own two minute videos, Self-consciousness rose among all the participants and later transformed itself in to competition and confidence, filling the room filled with professionalism. I saw with my own eyes forty plus professors, expressing their feeling and objections for the first time officially and openly.

Day 3

The timeliness and punctuality of the participants was also altered in to a better state, the treatment is with a dose of embracement (whenever a participant comes to the learning centre after a break, he will be welcomed with a huge round of clapping).

Day 4

The one thing that needs to make a person perfect, complete and composed is his book-keeping manners. Mission 10X flaunted the way we need to write our course file, technical descriptions and lesson plans .that was eye –opening and we saved a lot of time after that forever.

Day 5

Though all the teachings of Mission 10X are exempts for Cambridge international certification, all the scenarios and methodologies was indianised, as India teaching learning scenario is entirely different.


The overall one –week process was clear and clean and each one of them absorbed it like a sponge, still using it in our career.


Mission 10 x –enlightens every teaching soul.



Back to classroom (The Plot)

The class room was as usual, the students were little dull, as it was the last but not the least period in mid day (maybe they were happy for a week, and I am in today so they are like this).I decided that I need to make use of all the techniques, tricks and magic thought to me to improve the teaching –learning process. I personally feel that my University was the best plot to play this post mission   10 x games, as students were from different latitudes and longitudes and each of them had different moods and reactions. Someone wants the teacher to teach for all the fifty minutes, someone at the last, don’t want the class itself (will go for so called self realization, that’s self learning).The best teacher is the one who fulfills all the extremes .I had got the training to be a best teacher at ease.

I started the class with a round of huge applause, with the class co-operating for it little with less decibels. They asked what for I asked them to clap their hands; I said that is thanking me in advance for what they are going to get from in for the whole semester.

I asked the students to move out of their comfort zone, by replacing them from their existing seating positions. Told them to “change their views”. Little more alert they were in their newer seats ,little more conscious .The class was divided in to several segments ,time frames for teaching,learning,activity based learning,experimenting,and so on to get through over what we were doing.

The fifty minutes class was not so enough for us this time. Anyway I felt happy about it.


The mission 10 x program taught as to notice each and every activity of the students, that too who doesn’t have the property of getting concept faster, or the slow learners. I used to traverse to loop and corners of the class (not standing only with front benchers) to grab their attention.


By this implementation, I personally came to know about each and every one in the class, starting from their unique register number and first names.

Results came, all was good, as forecasted, and the hypothesis was right, not null.


I still was going on with the magic of mission 10x to my classroom, looking forward for the next class always. (One secret to share, I got 93% feedback on that semester)


All my blog followers were in thoughts, about me un-blogging all that week. “Yes” I got locked in myself in another world, called mission 10X and came out with an real experience on the teaching-learning process .Mission 10x is Wipro’s initiative to improve the quality of the Engineering teachers, who were never trained formally ,How To Teach. Students finishing their post graduation degree, just enter an engineering college or a University, chalk in hand. Thinking the fact, the fate of the Future India also lies in the hands of engineers. Azim Premji’s this initiative Mission 10X, is to train the trainers, who in fact will train the prospering students. It’s a win-win situation here at this mission. The Five days will never be forgotten by anyone, attending with his/her full hearten involvement. The proper completion of the five day training will lead to dale Carnegie’s certification .following the methodologies in the classroom for a month and submitting an assignment and going through an assessment will give you mission 10 x certificate .Further involvements and sending a full throttle written document to Cambridge will deem you with Cam bride international certificate. The way the resource persons enacted the subject in the class was a class. I still remember my otherwise very shy colleagues enacted dramas as a king and queen of drama world and as if they did it for years.

The primary vitality of the training to my experience was not with the different approach to teaching –learning paradigm, but with the application of the same in order.

They focused on the issue of University teacher (like the word more than Professor) perspectives on the students. Mostly Every One of them always thinks the students as someone ready and born to fool them. True in some case, but due to wrong perception of the student dimension, things get worse. It was a eye-opener, when they taught as how to deal with last benchers and late comers (class claps for them, another students writes his/her name on the board, late coming students gets embarrassed and ultimately never comes late again).
The training focused on facial expression and hand movement to be done by the teacher while lecturing training a student to understand a complex topic. The 30 registered university faculty were video graphed for all their actions and was reviewed. It was nice to see oneself teaching to himself, more than self evaluation and thereby evolution.

The post sessions

The portal that have been dedicated to the teaching community by wipro is buzzing with activities .various innovations in the teaching learning process are being done by technical teachers ,across the country. It gives newer perspective for a professional to look at the problems. Subjects are not restricted to numbers and it has all domains of engineering and science. The basic principle of mission 10x of making teachers from rural and back staged arts of the country to get the knowledge of cutting edge is fulfilled.

The portal carries different representations of a same concept in varieties  like charts ,diagram, picture ,puzzles,games,illustrations,program ,analogy and lot more.It a big think tank.

I still follow their teaching; I dedicate this article to them, who were behind the mission plus to their mentor Azim Premji.

Disclaimer:-This is not a friction.


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