online guitar tuner


Step by step tuning:

  • Requirement – You need to install Flash 10.1 or later.

  • Choose microphone – To be able to tune your instrument you need to allow access to your microphone. Just press the green “Allow-button” in the popup window to use the built-in microphone. To use an external microphone click here. At this link you can also make your settings if you plug in your guitar to your sound card.

  • Pluck the string – The tuner will tell you the current pitch.

  • Start to tune – To be in tune the needle should be vertical. If the needle is on the left side of the center you need to tighten the string. If the needle is on the right side of the center you need to loosen the tension. Remember to just make small changes while tuning.

  • Start playing – Start playing and tell your friends about this free guitar tuner site.


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