Gmail Redesigned*

Sitting in front of Gmail, all day. Need to pep u the phenomenon .add some flavor to your Gmail application (constraint: only for firefoxers).A Firefox Add-on Stylish let you to easily load homemade style sheets in your browser, to be applied to specific websites. These custom style sheets are then able to change a couple of colors or font sizes... or deliver a full-featured redesign of an application. One such complete redesign is offered for Gmail by Globex Designs. Called Gmail Redesigned*, it reformats the whole display into a darker, more beveled design, leaving almost no design element (not even the loading message) as it was, as the screenshot shows. *To install the program, first install Stylish, restart, and then install Gmail Redesigned. To uninstall it, in the Firefox menu click on Tools -> Add-ons -> Stylish -> Options, and delete the Gmail Redesigned item (or completely uninstall Stylish).


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