My hearty wishes to the daring Photographer Sebastian D’Souza, Whose photographs of Mumbai gunman kasab, was splashed across the world ,on the day after 26/11.The photographs are fetched to be evidence is in the court against kasab.

Hearing the sound of the blast, Sebastian rushed o the day of 26/11 and started clicking at kasab and ajmal, hiding behind a stationary train. Truly appealing.
The top gag is that a constable of railway police, has narrated ,how his rifle, got jammed when he was about to fire at Ajmal and another witness Gitanjali,a police woman’s conviction of not given a weapon ,though she is eligible to carry one, as has been trained and had undergone a weapon handling program.

My commentary is the same scenario (a normal person randomly shooting others in public) can not occur in United States or in Brittan or in any developing country, this shows our incompatibility and not readiness for a severe outrage. How we are going to
carry on in our country after a decade peacefully is a real big ?.


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