Sitting in front of the comp. but nothing to do.

Sitting in front of the comp. but nothing to do.

We usually get this scenario and handle it by pushing the chair away from the computer.
Its ok will not happen again .you can browse websites of varied interests .internet has a lot of stuff in it, picking up the best is the riskiest part of surfing.

When you stare at the clock to force it to move faster, then browser can be used to ping these sites -carries with it Interesting findings over the internet, creative, advertisements, art, gadgets, travel, automobiles, photography, Amazing And Unbelievable Photos, Celebrities, Arts, Fashion and more. -Urban Dictionary is the slang dictionary written by users themselves .Has 4,034,583 definitions written since 1999.Its fun to read and feel certain slangs.its shows the living habits and patterns of really real people. -is a photo sharing website, with about multiple millions of photos uploaded already, more than 2000 plus uploaded averagely in a minute. Now with video upload also. Just search for a word and get photos in different prescriptive from different parts of the world. – is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Having 2,910,009 articles in English. Click the Random article section daily once to become a roaming encyclopedia.

And lot more to come….


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