When women will be men?

When women will be men?

Bunch of newspaper write-up, blogs, twit talks shout about women’s freedom and empowerment, their role in the family, society and development. Women are out there in all the fields and domains (heard, Indian air force has a proposal wired to employ women cadres to fly fighter flights in coming years.)

Women are seen in parliament, pubs, auto’s (in driver seat), as butlers and butchers, even as murderers and con artists where once (may be a couple of decades before) only men took position. Most of the software companies have an equal ratio of men is to women.

Women have got the freedom to live with any human being (male or female) who they like to be with, without the prominence of attributes like caste, religion, region, and sex taking high stake.

Women enjoy the freedom of good lifestyle than men (huh!! What men can wear other than shirts and trousers ,women have a whole junk of dresses, shirts, skirts, pants ,trousers ,midis, perfume ,head to toe make up and more..)

But, why women are not like men, they still talk about women independence and freedom, while men don’t even think about. Why is that in almost all the houses women goes to job as well cooks and cleans, while her husband does work selectively. Why homemakers are not given salary by her husband? If given for each of the errand she does, the husband will have to pay more than what he earns, isn’t.???

Anyway I know the answer, women will be men only when

a) Men deliver


b) Women stops delivering.

That is the beginning of the loop.


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